Scalp Defense Serum

Rs. 600.00

Scalp Defense Serum

Rs. 600.00
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Yayy! Naturals brings to you the scalp defense serum, which takes all that frizz away in a whoosh.

Infused with Moroccan argan oil, this serum makes your hair look shiny and bouncy, with no oily stickiness of any sort. Comprising of various oils, it naturally makes your hair shinier and softer.

But the real play comes with the fact that it does not make your hair appear heavy or sticky. Creating a sort of a protective layer over the hair, this scalp defence serum protects your hair from external damage, such as heat, dust and pollution while nourishing the strands of your hair.

SLS and paraben-free, it induces sheen into the hair, making it look beautiful. It rejuvenates the dry and damaged hair caused by chemical treatment. It is like a wonder cure for your hair, which significantly reduces hair fall, prevents breakage and also makes your hair look presentable and wonderful. The scalp defense serum will calm the frizz and make the hair manageable.

The corn, wheat and soy proteins present in this serum ensures that the hair scalp, tips and roots get enough protein to keep them strong and hence, reduce shedding and breakage of hair. Castor oil has well known benefits to hair like smoothening it and it is extremely hydrating. In order to keep your hair manageable and frizz free, and yet look shiny, and bouncy, the essential oils play a significant role. With natural moisturizers and thickeners, this serum not only makes your hair stronger but also healthier. It hydrates the scalp as well as the strands making it less vulnerable to pollution and heat damage. With amino acids and natural citric acid, this scalp defense serum ensures that the protein is properly broken down and absorbed by the hair, making it resistant to the external agents which might damage it. The baobab oil present in this serum helps to treat dandruff and itchy scalp when the scalp is overly dry. Regular treatments of this serum gives the hair a healthy shine, prevent dryness and also makes thin hair look more full and voluminous.

For the picture-perfect hair you always wanted, after that hair wash, use our scalp defense serum to keep your scalp healthy and hair pretty.