Scalp Defense Anti Dandruff Conditioner

Rs. 225.00 Rs. 399.00

Scalp Defense Anti Dandruff Conditioner

Rs. 225.00 Rs. 399.00
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Yayy! Naturals scalp defense hair conditioner helps you keep your hair and scalp healthy alike. With all naturally derived ingredients, this conditioner gives you a shiny, soft, damage free look, after every wash. The key to beautiful hair lies in its strength. With apple cider vinegar, Australian tea tree and shea butter infused in it, this hair conditioner is an amazing amalgamation of strength, and softness that passes on to your hair.

After every shampoo with the scalp defense shampoo, this conditioner is the perfect fit from all products to go too. Apple cider vinegar helps the hair get smoothened out and hence prevents hair from getting entangled, reducing hair breakage significantly. The shea butter provides naturally available vitamin E, strengthens the hair, and restores its beautiful shine. The organic Australian tea tree oil provides an all round nourishment, hence putting up a defense against pollutants and heat. With no chemical nasties, this conditioner makes your hair strong, smooth and lustrous.

It helps get rid of all those flaky patches of the scalp staying over on the hair mid sections and tips. The salicylic acid, naturally derived of course, makes sure that the hair looks clean and free of dead skin cells, also enabling a significant reduction in dandruff and other scalp related problems. The camphor essential oil helps soothe the damaged hair, helps in building back the broken keratin molecules in the hair, and hence reduces hair damage significantly.

With numerous essential oils infused, this rich conditioner smells amazing and have perfect consistency. This scalp defence conditioner is an amazing product to use after wash. Just rub it on the hair mid sections and slowly on towards the ends, and it's  evident just in one wash, the magic this conditioner can do. Nourished, soft, smooth and moisturized, your hair will be happy and bouncy. It leaves your hair smelling great, looking great and feeling great, just the way you always wanted it to be.

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