3 Wedding Hair Style Ideas For Your Amazing Hair

3 Wedding Hair Style Ideas For Your Amazing Hair

For a wedding, an elegant and luxe hairstyle is needed for that perfect diva look.

As the bride or bridesmaids or just simple guests keeping the hairdo on-point is necessary.

So let's get started with some gorgeous wedding hairstyles to look amazing.


The Relaxed Wedding Bun



If going for the retro look, then making a simply relaxed bun is a great choice to stand out.

With the low set on the head, this chic bun is suitable for garden parties or formal dinners. With hair extensions to add volume to the hair, this wedding hairstyle gives the classic look.

Adding headpieces that are small and can be tucked into the side or hair comb will glam up it more. 

After preparing the hair with some texturizing spray,  we need to put the hair to make a mid-tail. And then roll the hair inside and tuck it with pins.

Put some hairspray to keep the bun in place. Keeping some bangs loose to frame the face can accentuate the whole look. And it is done!


Textured Low Updos or Buns



This wedding hairstyle is glorious and looks intricately chic.

To make the best out of the look, adding wedding comb or bridal hairpins is the go-to choice.

A fingertip or chapel length veil from the crown of the head, without any embellishments, will perfectly pair up.

Split the hair and make a knot. Then just twist the remaining hair in opposite directions around the simple knot. It will look like a nice, elegant bun after securing with bobby pins. 

Now get to something more complicated with, you can always add romantic french braids.

The wedding hairstyle for starters will need a hairband - the simpler, the better.

After putting the headband in place, French braid the hair in the front to reach the ears.

We need to cover the front of the headband with the braid then follow up with twisting. Take sections of hair and roll it to completely hide the hairband. Secure it with pins and setting spray for it to stay neat and tidy.

One can go for small flower headpins to match the dress and put on some bold lipstick.

And tada! the wedding hairstyle is wrapped up.


The Elegant Half Updos



A classic way to charm up the look is the simple half-up.

A loosely- curled up, textured hair is what we need to work on with a brush.

Tease the hair in the front to add some volume then take a hair section from one side of the crown and pin it on the opposite side at the back of your head. Repeat the same on the other side and continue till all the hair in the hair is pinned up.

Pulling some loose hairs in the front looks unmatched with some loose trinkets to glam up. 

Trying a half-updo and the other part swept down is another wedding hairstyle to go for.

It is a goddess-like hairstyle with wavy locks down the back and the braids just enhance the beauty.

Make a fishtail or french braid or twisted braids on one half and place it on the other side with some rose pins. This is a wholesome look to go with an elegant, demure gown. 

Making a half-knot looks great with the bohemian-vibe and modern dresses.

We need loose, wavy hair, sprayed and textured for a smooth finish. Make a simple knot with half of the hair (doesn't matter whether short or long) and pin it in place - that's it.

Add extensions depending on the hair volume, and keeping some hair strands framing the face will do the magic. Adding some details like scattered pins on the bun or near it can work. Small comb veils above the bun - if the volume is not great will do perfectly. Even putting it just below the knot looks exquisite too. And the show-stopping hairstyle is in place.

Some things to keep in mind when doing wedding hairstyles -

Do consider hair extensions in any case to make the perfect texture. Plan the hairstyle with the dress, setting, flowers and theme properly.

Make sure to weatherproof the grand wedding hairstyle, otherwise, all will be for nothing.

Be prepared and organized with hair spas, masks, vitamins, dyeing and trimming from a month before.  

Do try out these wedding hairstyles and tips for a spectacular wedding. 

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