How Sustainable & Natural Hair Products Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket!

How Sustainable & Natural Hair Products Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket!

When it comes to skin and hair care, it is a well known fact that natural and chemical free hair products are better for you.

Let us substantiate this.

The beauty products that claim to make your hair healthy contain some chemicals and minerals which are practically running out of stock, and might even be harmful to you and the nature.

They contain certain chemicals that might rupture your scalp in the long run making it devoid of natural oils and harming the follicles.

The compounds include BHA and BHT, which are synthetic antioxidants that might disrupt your endocrine system.

They, at times, also contain compounds that are formaldehyde-releasing, which is carcinogenic in nature.

Hence, more and more people are turning to what is known as “green cosmetology”.

Well, green cosmetology refers to the section of beauty products that are organically manufactured, are sustainable, and are usually eco-friendly.

For this, a prerequisite would be that renewable resources are used to manufacture the products, and, the process of production is not harsh on our mother nature.

In order to attain the same, a whole lot of processes could be used. These may include sources such as Natural oils, Plants, and bacteria.

To explain further, natural oils such as avocado oil, argan oil, mustard oil, coconut oil etc are used instead of using synthetically made mineral oils to derive fatty alcohols used in hair products to be soft on the nature as well as our body.

Plants such as aloe vera, soya bean, corn, and flowering plants such as rose and jasmine, are all used in beauty products to extract the capacity they have to strengthen hair and beautify skin.

Bacteria like dienococcous bacteria have huge potential in making pigments used in cosmetics. These can be seen replacing the man-made, harsh materials used in making beauty products.

But, does this all add a cost on to the consumers?

Certainly, we would all like to do our share in saving the mother nature and yet not exceed our budget range. Is this even possible?

The answer is surprisingly yes.

You do not need to burn holes in your pockets to buy natural and sustainable hair products.

Hair products such as the shampoos, oils and serums by Yayy! Naturals.

We at Yayy! Naturals believe that natural hair care should be affordable and of premium quality. With the same motive in mind, our products are sustainable, soft on your hair and scalp, and extremely effective.

These good quality products will make your hair healthier, better looking and of course, stronger. 

Why buy sustainable personal care products?

There is a list of reasons why you should shift to sustainable cosmetics.


Responsibility Towards The Environment


As the modern-day consumers, we care about social and environmental responsibility. These sustainable products are kinder on the environment than the chemical instilled products.

Petrochemicals used in hair products and cosmetics harm the environment, as they are not water soluble and hence form a hump as they lead on into the sea, causing damage to the ecosystem.


More Effective


These products are more effective than the ones full of harsh chemical compounds.

In the long run, they help to strengthen your hair, make them healthier and improve their appearance.

These products do not cause any harm to your scalp or follicles and instigate growth in both volume, and length.

Instead of using compounds like BHT and BHA, these products use glycerin, a natural derivate from palm oil which has an equally good moisturizing effect on the hair.


Long term health


The natural or green pesonal care products usually have long term benefits and since they cause no harm and protect your health.

Compounds like BHA and BHT, and formaldehyde can cause cancer, irritation on the skin and other damages to endocrine system.

These products, are soft and soothing, and if anything, nourish your scalp and hair, making it healthier and stronger and of course, more beautiful.  


You have the power to change the way this planet is going to be for our future generations, by just bringing about one change! Shifting to organic and green beauty products.

You can drive this positive change with your buying habits and exercising informed and conscious consumerism.

Whether you already support sustainable and organic brands or you’re just beginning your journey to making the world kinder for the nature – you’re making a conscious and positive effort for the betterment of the environment and yourself – the world needs more people like you!  

Our brand Yayy! Naturals keeps in mind the importance of the natural wealth and does its part to make this world a greener, better and cleaner place for our future generations. Support our cause, while also nourishing yourself.

We are doing our part. It is your turn now.


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