How To Turn Quarantine Into “Caring Time” For Your Hair

How To Turn Quarantine Into “Caring Time” For Your Hair

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us to stay at home, quarantined.

But the silver lining is that we get to spend time with our loved ones and, yes, we get to nourish ourselves like never before. Follow this guide to make the most of this lockdown for your beautiful locks.


For that voluminous hair you always wanted

To keep your hair voluminous it is extremely important to keep your scalp healthy.

First things first, say no to using shampoo every day. No matter what the shampoo bottle says, it is not a great idea to use shampoo more than twice a week.

Excessive shampoo wash can cause your natural hair oils to be stripped off your scalp, making it dry and prone to problems like dandruff, which of course is the last thing you would want.

This being said, it is extremely important to keep your scalp and hair clean. Instead of using a shampoo every day, try switching to just water on those days where you are just sweaty after the workout. Use DIY hair masks such as honey and banana, egg whites and curd and onion, to strengthen your roots and use a mild shampoo.


To get rid of the devil, dandruff

Something we all can agree upon is that dandruff is the absolute worst.

Those dry skin flakes or powder falling all over and messing up your beautiful black dress, or the flaky appearance of your hair at the party.

It is not just about the looks. Dandruff is actually unhealthy for your scalp and hair too. It can cause your hair cuticles to get damaged and in turn cause shedding of your hair.

That excessively oily scalp can also cause acne and pimples on your face, which of course, we would love to stay at the bay, from.

The best way to get rid of dandruff is to use an anti-dandruff shampoo, twice a week, rinse your hair thoroughly and keeping your hair and scalp not too oily and clean.

But, certainly, in an attempt of getting rid of dandruff, we do not want to damage the natural protein in your hair, keratin.

Products with synthetic chemicals and ammonia, can cause ketosis, or break down of the protein. In order to avoid that, turn to nature.

Use natural hair products that don’t contain harsh chemicals and will rather nourish your scalp and roots.

What better than the scalp defense shampoo by ‘Yayy! Naturals’.

It is fully organic, and vegan! You read it right. Vegan! Cruelty free, natural, and absolutely safe to use, this is one of the best products in the market.


To keep your hair from breaking down

One major issue we face on a daily basis is that our hair breaks down in the middle, making our hair look less voluminous.

To avoid hair breakage, we need to make those locks strong and prevent external stress on it.

This breakage is usually the highest on the days the hair is washed.

Wet hair tends to break down when we comb it down.

One major mistake most women tend to do is beating the hair in order to dry it sooner. This stress on the hair can cause it to break down. Instead, use an absorbent towel or a cotton cloth, and just tie it around the hair till most water is soaked into it, and the hair no longer drips.

Let the hair naturally dry out to sunlight and air.

While it is drying out it is important to condition and nourish it. Here comes into play a very important yet ignored hair product, serum. Hair serum should be used when slightly wet and applied only to the ends and mid section of the hair.

Use just a little of it to prevent frizzy hair and breakage.


Making the hair look lustrous and nourished

Shiny and nourished hair is a sight we all would love to see, every single day.

It might come as a surprise but it is not so difficult to achieve the same. Taking care of your hair and making it look amazing, is going to be child’s play now on. Hair usually tends to look frizzy and unmanaged. In order to prevent that from happening, it is important to oil your hair before the wash.

Apply good quality, not so harsh, hair oil on the scalp and massage for a while.

Then apply the oil onto the ends and to the midsection of the hair too, and tie the hair in to a bun, and let it be for about an hour.

Hair oils with too many mineral oil and chemicals might seem okay now, but will not be nourishing for your hair in the long run.

One should use something soothing and something that will nourish your scalp, hair follicles and the ends of it, too. The hair fall defense oil by Yayy! Naturals is completely natural and has endless benefits from nourishing your scalp to making it soft and smooth.

Following the above tips and tricks and keeping your stress at bay, you can see wonders happening to your hair. In a mere time of a month, you will see that, “People who care, are the people with the best hair”

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