4 Amazing Ways To Spice Up Your Ponytail Hair Style

4 Amazing Ways To Spice Up Your Ponytail Hair Style


The Vanished Hair Tie Ponytail


Tie your hair into a regular high ponytail first.

Make sure you are using a good quality hair tie which is not very thick or wide.

After this, take a thin section of your hair, which is voluminous enough to cover your hair tie. Use this section of the hair, and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the hair tie. In order to make sure that this section is secure and does not fall off, use a bobby pin, and insert it through the hair into the hair tie. This will ensure that the hair doesn’t come off of the tie.

In order to create more height and volume, instead of one bobby pin, use two of them. Insert the bobby pins into the hair tie, at least finger width apart.

This will ensure that the pony looks heightened and the fall of it looks more voluminous as it creates makes the hair near the ponytails more pulled closer, creating the illusion of having more volume in the hair midsections and tips.

The Braided Pony


Take your hair from the crown, about two inches apart on both sides from the middle, and start braiding it.

For the first two sequences of the braid, braid it plainly. After that, for every step, keep adding hair from both the sides creating a sort of a French braid.

Make sure that the braid you make is tight and the sections of hair you add do not come off. Continue this process, till you reach your neck area, which should ideally be after adding two sections from each side to your braid.

Once you do this, tie the entire hair into a pony tail. To make the look more presentable and voluminous, you  should bend over, and bring all your hair forward, tease it using a comb, my brushing small sections of it, and then tie into a pony tail. This creates the effect as if your hair is thicker.

The Hairband Ponytail


Take your hair and tie it into a pony while leaving aside one section of your hair, almost 2 inches wide, from the top of your ear on any side.

Once you tie your hair into a pony with a rubber band, take it aside to one side, away from the section of the hair left out. Take the small section of your hair left out and start braiding it.

Make sure that the braid is tight and does not have a lot of strands coming out of it. You can ensure this by applying a small amount of oil or serum to that section of the hair.

Due to the grease present, the braid will be tighter and neater. Once you are done braiding till the bottom of that section, sure it using a black or brown elastic tie. Make sure this tie is as thin as possible and more or less matches the natural color of your hair.

Take the braid and bring it over to the other side. This will create like a hairband on the top of your hair. In order to keep the hairband you created secure, insert two bobby pins, through the braid into your hair, behind both your ears. Make sure the braid is sticking onto the hair and is not lose before you secure it.

In case, you have very long hair, and the braid is still remaining after you bring it over to the other side, take it beneath the ponytail and remove the braid from the bottom, as much as you require, and tie it up with the elastic there.

The remaining part you have now left open should be added on to the ponytail.

The Pretty Parted Ponytail


For this look, take your hair. Comb it all backward, and make a parting in the center using a parting comb or the edge of your regular comb.

Start braiding your hair on one side, taking about 3 inches in width. Once you braid about 10-12 sequences and reach your ear, stop braiding.

Make sure you secure the braid from coming off using an elastic band.  Take this braid back and secure it with a couple of bobby pins on to the side, making sure it is neat and tight, and well placed.

Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Make sure the braids look equal in volume and are placed around the hair very symmetrically, after you secure the second braid too, using bobby pins, brush through your hair, gently. 

After that take your hair, and make two ponytails at the back, using the parting you made as a reference. Make sure these ponytails are not more than a finger-width apart and use thin ties. After you are done with this step, take a thicker hair tie, and combine the two ponytails into one.

This trick will make your hair look thicker than it is.

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