7 Chic & Trendy Hairstyles For Women That Requires No Tools

7 Chic & Trendy Hairstyles For Women That Requires No Tools

They say “never judge someone by their clothes” but on the contrary every one arbiter on how you keep your hair. Hair is the most treasured chattel for a woman, and almost nobody is supposed to touch it without their acquiescence. 

We live in the 21st century where it doesn’t make a difference what type of hair you have. Long gone are the days when women were supposed to have penchant hair, courtesy to the pretzel time, women are their own masters and hence we witness such diverse hairstyles

Experimentation is the new fad and there exist over 1000’s of hairstyles one can create.

But right now, we have curated a list of quick hairstyles for women where you don’t need any hair styling tool or any extra hair accessories because we understand sometimes that could be a daunting experience. 

Let’s dig into the list:



One of the most effortless hairstyles, is the top knot. All you have to do is divide your front hair into 2 sections. Pleat the first section into a braid till the bottom, then repeat the same on the other side so we have 1 braid on each side. 

Grab the top section of the hair and add both the braids and twist them together into a top knot bun. And it’s done! Perfect for those shopping days at the mall!


It doesn’t matter if you have long or medium hair length, almost anyone can create this look. Side part your hair, braid only one front side of the hair till the bottom. Now gather the rest of the hair and hold it into a ponytail below the neck, get rid of any tangled hair and add that braid with the ponytail and tie them up. You are ready to sport this look at work or for college during the hot summer days.

For women with short hair, leave your hair open with just a side braid for that chic and effortless look.


For all those women who are awful at making French braids, here is a savior hairstyle for you.

Start by middle parting your front section of hair and divide each section into half.

Twist both the sections of one of the hair turn by turn and keep adding hair from underneath the section to create an illusion of a French braid. Repeat the same on the other section of the parting and grab both the sections to the back, gather the rest of the hair and secure it into a voluminous ponytail!


This one again is a trick to create a fishtail braid for medium hair length.

Grab all your hair and pop into a super high ponytail. Procure sections of your hair from both the ends, tie them together, create a cavity between that and twist the hair from beneath them.

Repeat the same till 3 layers or you can add further if you have long hair and all set! Your cheat fishtail braid is ready. 


For all those short hair divas, we have an adorable look.

Take a basic headband, be it skinny or thick, and dress it up on your head. Take out the face-framing hair beneath the hairband so they let loose on your face. You can backcomb your back hair to create volume and you are set to hop out for lunch plans with your pals.


Ladies, this is a piece of good news for you all.

This hairstyle has to be one of the top recommended hairstyles for women. We recommend you to try this a night before the special occasion for desired results.

Shampoo your hair thoroughly, let it dry and untangle it. Divide your hair into 2 equal halves and take a rope of your bathrobe, match the ends and let the middle portion rest on the middle of your hair and secure it with a bobby pin.

Now, divide one section into 2 equal parts and cross the front then around the back.

Repeat it with the second section and secure it.

Take your beauty sleep and untie your hair. You’ll be surprised to see how effortless and how dapper your hair looks with those beautiful curls!


Getting late for that wedding and don’t know what to do with your hair?

Don’t be a nervous wreck as we have a simple solution for you! Grab the 2 front sections of your hair, pull them back and secure it with a band.

Flip them underneath itself and keep repeating for 3-4 times depending on your hair length.

You can add cute hair accessories to beautify your look and you are all set for a garden party or a day wedding!!

No matter what the occasion is ladies, dress up, show up and let your hair do all the chattering!

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