6 Cool and Flattering Hairstyles for Thick Hair

6 Cool and Flattering Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Being blessed with thick and voluminous hair is like winning a genetic lottery.

It has been one of the most desirable attributes and women would do anything to have such a blessing. Embrace your hair by making it more compelling with super flattering hairstyles for thick hair, be it any texture or length. 

Styling your hair in a way that best suits your face shape and hair type is really the key to creating a unique style. It will bring out your best features and will certainly reduce the time spent on hair care practices.  

We have come up with some of the most popular and flattering hairstyles for thick hair. Thick hair is versatile and can be converted into several beautiful looks.

So get ready, to begin with your ideal hairstyle.  


Styles and Haircuts for Long Thick Hair


Thick hair can be of different sizes, textures, and shapes. Often, women with thick hair have natural light waves or curls, while few others have silky straight hair. Whatever your hair type is, thick & long hair balances out the volume and gives you the advantage to try varied different styles on the go. Below are some of the great options that you can try. 


Hairstyles For Thick Hair


1. Double Buns



Be it a casual day out with friends, an active session at the gym, or a double dutch match, add double buns to your go-to hairstyle for a powerpack look. This hairdo is more on the playful side than others. To make this super easy and quick hairstyle, you will need two rubber bands, a comb, and hair clips. Make a refined look by separating your hair into two sections. Make a ponytail and wrap that section into a bun on both sides. At last, secure the ends with the hair clips. You are good to go. 


2. Beach Waves



Beach waves are ideal for lazy days and are certainly unbeatable for all types of evening parties and wedding occasions. To obtain an effortless beach wave hairstyle, you will need a straightener or a curler. Before beginning with the heat styling, add some primer, and thoroughly nourish your hair. Split your hair into several sections and gently start curling your hair one by one. Make sure to keep the curls light in order to get the perfect beachy waves. Once, you have completed curling all the sections, apply serum and hair spray to secure the waves all day long. 

3. Half Bun



It is one of the easiest hairstyles of all time. Although half buns are super intuitive, there are a few skills that go into it. Instead of taking your hair and twisting it in a bun, divide the top half of your hair into a tight ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Moreover, if you want to get more volume, then gently tug your ponytail to some more height. Twist those loose hair around the side of the ponytail with the help of hairpins. If your hair is frizzy, you can apply hair spray and you are all set.

4. Fishtail Twist



Washed out fresh thick hair is nothing less than a nightmare. Bouncing your hair back and forth and the added volume is beyond words. If you are someone, who likes to tie all your hair, rather than keeping them all open, then this sophisticated and classy style is for you. Start to make French braids beginning from the top sections of your hair until you finally reach the roots. From here, you can add a twist by donning the braid to let it sit beautifully on your back.


5. Braid Crown



Go for a messy braided crown in the lower back of your hair and rebuild the elegance with this alluring bouffant crown braid look. This classy yet stylish look can be worn at any wedding or party and will give you a feel of a true princess. It's super easy and quick to make this beautiful hairstyle. To begin this look, make a long braid by taking a thick section from the top of your hair, like a crown. Secure it with hairpins along all the sides of your hair. Pull out the small hair strands from the front to give it a more beautiful look.


6. Penny Blossom Updo



Turn the back of your head into a flourishing vase with a messy bun. It all starts with a low ponytail along with small locks of looped hair and several hair clips. Once the braid is ready, twist it round in the form of a bun and pull out the braided hair one by one to give it a more voluminous and enhanced look. 



Thick & voluminous hair is ideal and great for experimenting with the new and latest styles. Find your favorite hairstyles for thick hair from this list and try them out for any special occasions or just take a break from your everyday hairdo and enjoy the compliments that roll in. 

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