Awesome Juda Hairstyles You Need To Check Right Now

Awesome Juda Hairstyles You Need To Check Right Now

Juda is an Indian version of a bun. It has been part of the Indian culture since the times of early civilization.

If you observe carefully, all our Indian dance forms have one thing in common: the Juda hairstyle. 

Whether Kathak or Bharatnatyam, Juda is customary. Such is the radiance of a Juda.

Earlier, Juda was only styled by women with long hair, but all thanks to technology, there are so many hair accessories that help the women with short hair to pull off this elegant hairstyle.

We came out with the most traditional mixed with modernist Juda hairstyles for you to stockpile for upcoming events and weddings.





No matter how many variations are invented, the exclusivity of a classic juda knows no boundaries.

Use a donut bun if you wish to add volume, gather all your hair and untangle them. Make a ponytail and start wrapping your hair around the epicenter of the elastic. Secure all your ends with Juda pins and bobby pins.

Use hairspray to settle in your baby hair and you are set!





Suitable for women of all ages, this hairstyle can be a bit time consuming but the efforts are all worth it. Perfect for the wedding occasions, one can create this Juda at home. 

Start by combing your hair and segmenting your front hair into 2 segments. Back-comb the hair to maximize the volume and start braiding them. Tie both the braids to the back and gather the top sectioned hair along with the rest of the hair. Use a donut bun and pass it through the hair. Wrap all the hair around the donut and you’ll notice a twirl appearance of the Juda.

Keep the Juda slightly lower so you don’t pull too much hair and secure it with pins. Use luxurious and dainty hair accessories for a dressier occasion.





This is an upgraded version of a classic bun. Make a medium height classic bun and encircle it with gajra or roses to make it dazzling. Perfect for South Indian and Maharashtrian weddings, gajra is an epitome of finesse and panache. Use a fancy Juda pin to accentuate the style.





Immaculate for younger women who want to style Juda but don’t want to go the conventional way. Pristine for all types of occasions, it is considerably easy to do despite its lengthy name. 

Detangle all your hair and begin with a deep side parting of the hair. Draw all your hair to the opposite of the parting and start loose braiding them. Loosen up the hair and twist them into a messy but chic Juda.

Secure it with bobby pins and let some strands loose to frame your face. Ready to rock the cocktail night with this 5 min juda!!




For curly hair divas who don’t want to undergo extensive heat styling, opt for this gothic Juda which is going to catch you a lot of attention.

Comb all your hair well with a wide-toothed comb and tie them in a ponytail. Start by twisting the hair and securing it into a Juda. Pull the strands out of your juda to make it look wavy. Do not secure perfectly and let the loose ends of the Juda hang to give a fuller and chic look.




We’ve all admired Sonam Kapoor for her timeless relation with fashion but also for the fact that her Juda hairstyle is something to keep an eye for.

We took some inspiration from her and thought of inculcating our most favourite style from the lot. 

All you need to do is, divide your crown hair into 3-4 sections and start braiding them. Make sure the braids are sleek and small which look elegant and not hyped. Secure all the braids at the back and combine the end with the rest of the hair. Make a sleek bun and beautify it by using fresh daisies and lilies for a summery fresh as a daisy look.




A contemporary turn to a conventional braided side Juda, for all who have an extra minute in their hands, can give this a try.

Side part your hair and take the maximum sectioned hair to twist them. Divide the section into 2 and start twisting them by adding smaller strands. Secure them to the bottom and disguise the bobby pin beneath it. Braid the other side and roll them into a bun. Add pearly accessories to give a modern look.

These hairstyles are time-consuming but easy to do at home. There are many more hairstyles requiring professional help and you can even opt for those.

From Meena kumari to Deepika Padukone, Juda is a versatile and classic fashion style statement that is going to stay for eternity. 

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  • Niharika

    These hairstyles are really good but I think Indian hair is a little different so please suggest some indian hair styles for Indian hair. Can we use Yayy natural hair serum to soften hair thickness?

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Awesome Juda Hairstyles You Need To Check Right Now

Awesome Juda Hairstyles You Need To Check Right Now

Juda is an Indian version of a bun. It has been part of the Indian culture since the...
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