Awesome Hair Styles To Take You From Nay To Yayy!

Awesome Hair Styles To Take You From Nay To Yayy!

Keeping trendy hairstyle spices up your looks for the season. If you are bored you’re your current look and are planning on changing your hairstyle, we are here to help. Haven’t figured out the perfect fit for you yet? No worries. We will get you ‘occasion-ready’ makeover in no time with our hairstyle selection blogs.

Hair Style can be divided into the following categories

Hair Style by Hair Type

  • Hair Style for Curly Hair
  • Hair Style for Thick Hair
  • Hair Style for Thin hair
  • Hair Style for Short Hair
  • Hair Style for Long Hair

 Hair Style By Gender


  Hair Style by Age

 Hair Style by  Occasion

 Hair Style by Hair Cut

 Hair Style By Season


Hair Style By Hair Type

  • Hair Style for Curly Hair: Having naturally curly hair is like a blessing in disguise. They are very voluminous and hard to maintain. Does this mean you should get together with your hair-straighteners? Not really, we know managing curly hair is fairly troublesome, especially during rains. But there are so many flattering and stylish hairstyles out there for your curls. Try out these trendy curly hairstyles and get a chic look!


  • Hair Style for Thick Hair: We all wish we had silky thick hair. But let us break this to you- having thick hair is not an easy task. With lots of sweating and hours of effort in washing and styling, it is a tedious job. To make your poufy hair look slick and elegant, then you are looking in the right place! Check out the hairstyles and styling we recommend for your thick hair.


  • Hair Style for Thin hair: Having hair that can be styled and tamed easily is like a dream come true. Every hairstyle is possible when hair are given correct attention and haircut. You might want to step back from getting a new style when you have thin hair. But trust us, we have compiled the best haircut options for your thin hair. They will give them eye-catching layers and textures. Try them today!


  • Hair Style for Short Hair: Low-maintenance and smart, Shorthair have made a comeback this decade with funky, cool, or a 'Great Gatsby' look for you. They are the best choice for you if you have a busy lifestyle; styling is simple and you don't have to waste much time on the prolonged blow-drying. Short hairstyles fit all formal and informal occasions. Go through our enlistment of short hairstyles and find your inspiration.


  • Hair Style for Long Hair: Just like any other hair type, maintenance of long, hip-length, mid-back, or waist-length hair is tricky. But if you want to take your long hair look to the next level, then try out some of our selected hairstyle choices. You will be ready to shine out with some flowy layers, trimmed edges, and increased density. Fight with all your long hair problems with style!

Hair Style By Gender 

    Hair Style for Men

  • Short Hair Style for Men: Leaving the barber’s store or salon with a short & fresh look, is a sublime feeling. To get a clean, masculine, and traditional appearance, getting a short hairstyle is the best option for men. Always remember, short hair do not limit your styling options. You can get buzz cut, low to high fade, crew cut, Caesar, spikes, quaff, textured fringe, or a pompadour; possibilities are endless! Get a refined hairstyle, choose from our short hairstyle listing.


  • Long Hair Style for Men: With the change in trends, style, and fashion over the years, Men's hairstyling when from the slick back and front flop to half-up and left open. Top Hollywood stars like Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth, Keanu Reeves, and Jared Leto have been found sporting long hair. If you find it difficult to make a choice, go through our favorite long hairstyles for men and pick your favorite. We will help you get a better idea about what all crazy ideas you can try with your long hair.


  • Hair Style for Women - Short Hair Style for Women: The wavey bobs and choppy pixie have reentered the hairstyle vogue with the highest 'fashion scores'. No matter whether you have curly or straight and thick or thin hair, short hairstyles are perfect for all. Get the best styling assistance and options in our short hairstyle for women category guide. You will be able to choose the best fit short hairstyle for you easily. So be ready to be the showstopper this season with short hair!


  • Long Hair Style for Women: Casual and messy, nowadays long hairstyles have taken a casual and laid back face. With few shaggy cuts, layers, and colored textures. Long haired hairstyles are befitting for you even if you have thin hair. There are a lot of hairstyling options that will add the illusion of density to your hair. You can try braiding, half-up, buns, ponytails, and so much more with long hair! Give these styles a try.

  Hair Style By Age

  • Hair Style for Kids: Fashion world has something special for all, and when it comes to hairdos and styling there is a perfect fit for everyone. There are so many unique and cool haircuts for men, women, and even kids! Hairstyles for kids are available in a wide range as adults. They are not just normal or basic haircuts, there are Mohawks, classic cuts, and various avant-garde options for children as well. When you want your kids to have a fresh hairstyle, then look through these trendiest and fashion-forward styles and choose your favorite. You might find your inspiration here. So the next time you think your kids need a haircut, always remember to check this fashionable hairstyle listing. Our list is very assistive to every parent out there trying to find a cool and sassy hairstyle for their young ones. Whether your kid is 5 years old or 10, these hairstyles will suit them and make them stand out from the crowd.


  • Baby Hair Style: For all the moms, does your tiny tot need a haircut? And are you looking for a cute and suitable haircut for the baby? Then relax, you don't have to tell that to us twice. We have created a list of top best hairstyles for young ones that will make the first haircut moment memorable for you. These are new and comfortable styles that have been topping the charts in the fashion world. Our toddler hairstyles will make your baby picture ready for photoshoots and other family events. Get them occasion ready- call up your barber or stylist and book and an appointment after you select the best hairstyle from our list for your baby. Your prince or princess will look even more adorable once they get a professional haircut. Choose your preferred hairstyle now!

Hair Style by Occasion

  • Wedding Hair Style: Choosing a hairstyle for the day you will say “I do” is an important step in making the day ‘picture perfect’ or should we say- pictures of the day perfect. There are a lot of options to choose from; from vintage to modern, from classic to nonchalant. Already overwhelmed with the available choices? Relax, we have got you. We have rounded up some of the best Wedding Hairstyles for you. This list will narrow down various available options- topknots, waves, braids, buns, and many more. Check your wedding theme, your dress, and other factors before making up your mind here, we have all right fit options right here!


  • Party Hair Style: 'Party' reflects an easy-going, enjoyable, and free moment with your friends and family. What you need to achieve a perfect Party hairstyle- a technique, inspiration, and proper tools; with these you are ready to go! Try out these sassy, funky, and stylish hairstyles if you want your inspiration to be trendy. You will be the highlight of the party or whichever event you walk in with any of these options. Play with different styles and get party-ready within minutes. With hair done in a professional way, you just have to put on a fun party mood and have a good time!


  • Office Hair Style: Keeping aside all relaxation, when it comes to choosing a hairdo for office- there is no nerve-wracking job than this. You are supposed to keep up a groomed appearance in front of your seniors and colleagues. The early morning rush to go to the office does not help with hairstyling either. Another thing that brings us down is coming across the best formal hairstyles that you can try. If you feel lost too then waste no time and check out our Office hairstyle enlisting. Whatever your hair length or type, these hairdos will charm you and your co-workers. You will look composed, sophisticated, and classy altogether.

Hair Style by Hair Cut

  • Bun Hair Style: Having your hair in a bun is the perfect way to get a sleek and refined look. You can try a low or high bun regardless of your hair type and these are the best hairstyle options to go for any type of occasion. Wear a bun on a brunch or corporate event, you will stand out easily. We have put together a selection of fun bun hairstyles that you will fall for. See our list, select one from the collection.


  • Bob Cut Hair Style: If you have had long hair for too long, getting a short haircut can be mortifying or scary. But wait till you check these stunningly chic and edgy Bob cut hairstyles. Bob cuts are versatile and easy to maintain styling options that were in most 2019 hairstyle lists and will remain in 2020 too. Get a long or short bob, these cuts will get you celebrity like looks. It compliments all face shapes and hair, therefore it has a “must try” tag on it!


  • Ponytail Hair Style: We cannot always stay in air-conditioned rooms. But let’s not burst the breezy sensation and advice you to toss your hair up in a casual ponytail. Ponytails are great for formal as well as informal looks. You can hit the club or walk in your family dinners with these ponytails; they will pull together all your looks. They are exciting and fun ways to tweak with your daily fashion. Take your laid back and classic ponytails to a whole new level with our compilation of trendy Ponytail hairstyles.


  • Juda Hair Style: A hair bun in Hindi is known as Juda. Although! Making a Juda is not as easy as a bun. They are craftier, unique, and are made on special occasions; ladies wear these on festive or celebrative events. If you are looking for a traditional, convenient, yet stylish look then this is your best pair. Judas brings together cultural and trendy patterns together and is loved by most! Check the latest Juda hairstyles in trend and try one yourself.

Seasonal Hair Style

  • Hair Style for 2019: A way of transforming your styling sense and personality is by changing your old hairstyle into something more recent and trendier. The year 2019 has been a birth year of a lot many fun and fashionable hairstyles that people loved. We have also noticed a return of many vintage hairdo styles- from braids and waves to high bun and hair bands. There were so many understated hairstyles that were brought to light in 2019. The year specifically focused on embracing the real hair color, texture, and length and making the most out of it. There were also various cool hair color tones that came out- ombre effect, honey gold hues, and fiery reds were one of the most loved ones out of all. Haircare also went from chemical products to their natural and organic counterparts. 2019 year proved out to be very productive for the hairstyling industry and all emerged styles must be tried once!


  • Hair Style for 2020: With a fresh year, it is the start of a new decade for getting valiant and vibrant makeup and hairdo moments. 2019 has been a really fruitful year and had dug up lots of lost trends and fancy hairstyles. It gave a fun, colorful, and over the top styling options. But let's not get too carried away with last year's fashion; are you ready to know what 2020 has under its cloak for your hair? Then remember 'change', this year is all about making a change in your old hairstyle and color. Get a freshly cut trendy hairstyle today. Don't know what'd trending? We have got your back. With our 2020 hairstyle list, you will get this year's favorite and trending hairstyles. Check it out and see which style fits your personality, hair type, and face cut. You will feel inspired by all the styles and take a step forward in trends with these hairstyles.


Hair is like your natural crown. It brings a refined shape to your face and increases your beauty, confidence, and make you look easy going.

However, to get the maximum benefit of this crown you need to take proper care and find a correct haircut that suits you.

If you need some hairstyle tips and inspirations then go through our curated latest style blogs.

No matter if you have curly, long, straight, wavey, or short hair; they will help you find a hairstyle that fits you. We have covered several hair types and also have separate lists for you to find a perfect hairdo for party and office. You might not need it for office, but a fashionable ‘back to school’ won’t be bad right?

If you like making buns or ponytails, we have top lists for you as well. Try out all these casual, messy, fun, cool hairstyles and find the suitable one for you.

We have ensured that no trendy or eye-catching hairstyle is left from our lists.

You will have a kick start in getting the best styling tips, styles, and fashion trends with our help.

Each of our lists has its own unique niche that will give you more personalized advice on your hair styling.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your hairstyle today!

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