4 Amazing Hair Style For Long Hair To Make You Look Gorgeous

4 Amazing Hair Style For Long Hair To Make You Look Gorgeous

Long hair is the pretty stuff everybody wishes for but maintaining it, takes a toll.

Talking about hairstyling - hours go up Poof! just making it the way wanted.

Long hairs are perfect any way even when kept open or put in a simple braid or a pony. The gorgeousness just oozes out and gives a diva-like character.

Don't we just all long-haired people are looking for some fancy or elegant styles. The cute type works fine too, so here are some promising hairstyles for long hair.


The half-up bow

Half up bow hair style for long hair

This is a cute hairstyle for long hair which not only works for thanksgiving or Christmas. But is charismatic even on Sunday brunches, or on times when one wants, to power their inner Disney princess.

Start with a washed-up and dried, untangled hair combed with texturing spray. Comb the hair down and middle part it. Now, take-up large hair sections from both sides and start tying with an elastic band.

Don't pull the hair totally out from the last turn of the band. Make a loop out of it instead.

So when the loop is made, we need to make a bow out of it. For this, section the loop into two with sanctioning clip. Using a bobby-pin, pin the one side of the now-divided loop, flat on the head.

Repeat the same with the other part of the loop, and the bow is ready.

Now, secure the bow with pulling the remaining ponytail part, over the centre of the bow and pin it. Spray some setting spray to fix the hair at the place and the adorable hairstyle is ready for you to pair with informal or frocks.

Let's get into another exquisite and neat hairstyle for long hair-


Ideal Rope Braid


This easy-peasy hairstyle is great for lazy days when one wants to look prim and proper. But branding the long hair, as usual, appears too tiring - this hairstyle is the saviour.

So to start with, we need texture sprayed, combed, and untangled hair.

This allows the hair to actually settle and get stylised the way we want.

Part all of the hair first on one side and pick a medium hair section near the parting. Split this section of hair into two and twist them separately. The twisting is to be done towards the face till the end of the strip.

Now, we need to weave this twisted hair section away from the face. The pattern will be like - intertwining these sections by adding more twists from the side forehead. Continue this till it reaches the neck, and now, add all the hair from the back.

Split the entire hair into two sections and individually twist these sections. One away from the face and the other towards the face. Tie the ends together with an elastic band and loosen the twists for a fuller look.

Spray some hair spritz to find the twists at a place or try a hair setting spray and finish off the exquisite glammed-up look.

 Now that we are done with braids and ponies, let's get into a more elegant hairstyle for long hair.


Simple Chignon


This is a classic example of elegant, demure beauty for a gown-party or a wedding or any formal occasion.

Chignon is the epitome of a graceful updo with long hair. To do this simple bun, we need washed and dried, untangled hair in place.

Spray some texturizing spray or setting spray to hold the hairstyle in place and get ready with bobby-pins and hair-elastics.

Tie all the hair with an elastic band into a low-ponytail. Now create a gap, just above the hair-tie, holding your ponytail.

Be cautious of your ponytail getting loosened and carefully pull the ponytail in the gap. That is topsy tail your pony in the gap created - repeat it twice.

Now, carefully wrap the remaining ponytail around the middle part of the topsy tail, will all the length ends. Spread the tucked hair on the ponytail along with the tucked bun while securing it with pins. And, the chignon bun is ready to be later with the evening gown for the gala-occasion.

Now, the only remaining thing is a messy top-knot to go with an everyday look. So let's get into another hairstyle for long hair done in seconds.


10-second messy top-knot


Finger comb and prepare your hair with some texturing or setting spray, to begin with. Gather all the hair and twist the hair till it rolls into a bun at the top of the head.

Now, secure it with an elastic band and make sure it is a high tolerance one. We need the band to hold the entire weight of the hair.

But some bobby pins around to tick the hair in the band properly. Now we need to volume the hair up, so pull your fingers after inserting them near the bun, till the top of your head. It will add to the hot-mess look and spritz it up to complete the style.

These were some with the choice hairstyle for long hair which a girl needs to keep their hair game on. 

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