4 Awesome and Fun Hair Style for Short Hair

4 Awesome and Fun Hair Style for Short Hair

Short hair with varying lengths like above the ear to below the chin and even till reaching shoulders is a go-to choice for many people.

It saves a lot of time and the cost of maintenance is low too. With onslaught of summers, short hair is a respite in the sticky or dry heat, sitting atop the head.

From the regular bob-cut to the single bob or the short crop are some of the classic hairstyle for short hair.

Some people wear longer hair making a long bob or lob while there are styles like pixie cut brought to popularity by Audrey Hepburn. The more extreme like the Eton crop is also sported by many small haired people.


Let's get into some cool, cute and wonderful hairstyle for short hair -


French Braid With A Top-Knot


With a comb and elastic bands, this hairstyle for short hair is quickly made and looks great with any flowy dresses or regular jeans and top.

Comb the hair and detangle it till it gets smooth then take some hair from the front and crown part of the head. Weave the hair like a Dutch braid by adding hair from the sides after each twist. Continue till you reach the crown part and tie the ends with an elastic band.

At the last turn if the band don't pull back the hair out completely, let the last part tucked inside creating a fold like a bun. That's it, french braid with a top knot is glamming up the hair.


Triple Twisted Buns


This is a very unusual hairstyle to go with on with dresses or evening gowns.

Hairpins, elastic bands, hairspray and comb - that's it.

Detangle the hair, comb it straight  and make three equal parts of the hair at the back. Now tie each section of the divided hair in a know ponytail, so there are 3 tied up low ponytails at the back. Twist the ponytails to make a bun amd secure with a pin.

Repeat the same with the remaining two low-ponytails and spray some hairspray quickly to the hairdo in place.


Simple Car Ear Knots



This is a very simple and quick but cute hairstyle to opt for when going outside. It needs pins and elastic bands, to begin with.

Comb and untangle the hair neatly and middle part it down. Then take some hair from one side and roll it to make a bun on the top of the head.

Secure it with pins or elastic bands and repeat the same thing on the other side.

The hairstyle for short hair is worn with frocks, midis or jean shorts.

One can even style it up with thin ribbon bows on the buns over the elastic for a more bubbly look. 


The twisted half-ponytail


This is a perfect formal party-ready gorgeous hairstyle for short hair for which you will need hairpins, bands and comb.

After detangling and combing the hair, middle part it. Now take a hair portion from front of one side and divide it into two parts and twist them together in a big, defined curl. After each twist drop the bottom part and take up a new hair portion and repeat the steps. Pin the braids at the back and follow the same fashion on the other side of the head.

Follow the same pattern to make another twisted braid under the first one's on both sides so there are four twisted braids. Tie two braids of each side separately with an elastic and pancakes it. Then take all the four twisted brands behind the head and tie them behind the head. Tada! The fancy hairstyle is ready.


Some accessories to pair up with these trendy hairstyles for short hair

For updo hairstyles on short hair, the best accessory one can use is sophisticated Garrett's which comes in unique shapes and materials.

Then there is the U pin which is a classic ornament to wear for an elegant touch to half buns on short hair.

For something more formal, trying thin ribbons in pastel colours or neutral tones is a perfect way to get your short hair ready.

Scarves are the chic, hippy and timeless hair accessory which goes with maybe every length and style of hair.

Try multicolored or patterned scarves to showcase your vibrant soul and upbeat mood.

And let's not forget bandanas - they are on high trend now. There is a lot to be done with a printed bandana or a colourful batik one - either tie around the head or make a knot on the small pony - it takes the whole hair game a notch above.

 Be creative and try all risky one's because it is up to ourselves to carry our personality the way we want.

So expressing ourselves with tons of styles to boost morale is easier with these suggested hairstyles for short hair.

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