Amazing Hairstyles For Men That Are Not Uptight.

Amazing Hairstyles For Men That Are Not Uptight.

History holds evidence that hairstyling and personal grooming cosmetics have a strong presence in human society.

In current times, there are thousands of salons, gels, combs, sprays, and haircuts, or hairdos to try out. Conventionally hairstyles for men are not talked about much but wigs, pomades, buns have always made a fashion statement.

Hairstyling is an intricate art that needs confidence, patience, and practice to work out perfectly.

Let's get into some trendy and super cool hairstyles for men 


The Textured Falling Quiff


Talking about something iconic - the quiff is the one winning it with its classic volume and bangs. This hairstyle is a tailored way to showcase inner confidence.

With the best elements of a pompadour, flattop and mohawk are great for faces of all ages and shapes. 

Fundamentally, it has short back and sides and longer on the front. This portion is either swept back or flopped at the front. But it is up for experiment - going for the curly bangs or messy and sleek works wonders. The forelock is the part where one can do as they wish. The trend now is with fading sides though side parting quiffs or the textured quiffs.

Hairdryer, round brush, sea salt spray hairspray, paste, and pomade are the equipment needed to style this super trendy hairstyle. When going for a more straightened out and simple look than a classic crew cut or its trendy new versions is the best bet to go.


A Crew Cut



People looking for low maintenance and real short hair length - a crew cut is a good one with short back and sides. There are variations like the regulation with the top a little longer or spiking it up. The fade is ever-popular. So going for it is not bad and there the similarity with the buzz cut becomes prominent. Going for pompadours, faux hawks, side parts or comb-overs are great choices to work out this hairstyle. Side sweeping it also holds great potential if going for the innocent look. The products for making this hairstyle for men stay put are - extreme gel to hold the hair.

Alternatively, waxes and pomade work too. A trimmer and brush make things neat and ready.

Next on the line, let's talk about the masterwork hairstyle for men.


The Ceasar cut



This old short hairstyle made by Julius Caesar - the King, still holds the allure. With a good volume on top and combed forward - the bangs bring a lot of versatility to this particular hairstyle. It is low-maintenance and sophisticated - so going to the club or office is sorted out.

It is a timeless hairstyle for men which works great with a little styling wax or cream. The front fringe can be curled or even brushed back as spikes.

Going for a french crop is also a good idea as it is similar to caesar cut.

A French mustache adds a  modern twinge to the caesar cut. 


Let's talk about some wonderful hair accessories to pair up with the hairstyle for a complete look.

Accessories to complete the hairstyle for men

Trimmed and shaggy beards are go-to choices for men when roaring up their hairstyle. Well-maintained mustache or clean-shaved looks are elements that make the games a notch up. But what about something different - accessories?

Printed bandanas, headbands are quite on the trend. From thin fabric gym bands to printed and bold headbands - the unruly, rebel look is exquisitely done if carried confidently. 

Going for neutral color elastic ties for long hair is a must. Choosing the right color here is quite essential - one should go for shades like light yellow, brown, or black according to hair color.

Then there are those classic black, metal, wavy bands to pull the hair back - it never goes out-of-fashion.

For long tresses, holding the hoar when it's still drying can be tough -butterfly and claw clips are great. Bobby pins are a must because it is what a hot man bun needs the most.

Rest, experimenting is the key to find the poison which works the best.

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