This Homemade Natural Hair Serum Will Straighten Your Curly Hair like a Pro

This Homemade Natural Hair Serum Will Straighten Your Curly Hair like a Pro

Getting your hair's regular pampering and styling is equally important to keep them healthy.

If you want to enhance your look with some curly hairs, this gets even more difficult.

To have strong, shiny, and silky hair people generally turn towards expensive treatments and salons. However, even these time-consuming processes can't give lasting results.

While straight hairs pose no such obstacle while trying a new hair-do, they can be tamed and tucked-in pretty easily; curly hairs are toilsome to handle. Any hair straightening product like straighteners can damage your hair in the long run.

You can get a solution to all these hair stylings and nourishment problems in one product- a Hair Serum. A natural hair serum has the magic to make your stubborn curly hair straight without using any heat styling tools or fancy salon treatments.

Serums are an effective alternative to these tools. Presently, serums have become an important part of the hair care routine.

We all wish to have straight and glossy hair? Don't we?

Well, serums will be the best solution for fulfilling that wish. So for what you are waiting for? Try this hair care home remedy and you will be surprised with the results.

What Natural Serum Can Do To Your Hair?

Hair serum is a complete package of hair care solution that provides an additional boost to the texture, health, and shine to your hair. It provides complete nutrition to your hair rather than conditioning the fibers and penetrating the cuticles from inside.

This makes serums the best styling tool just like a hair straightening product to achieve a sleek, soft, and smooth hair by eliminating curbed tangles and frizz.

It creates a protective layer that covers each stand so that your hair can remain untouched from humidity, heat, and pollution.

Not just that, it reflects light, which can ultimately make your curly hair look incredibly glossy and straight. 

Why Use A Homemade Hair Serum?

Though the market is loaded with a variety of hair serums, their composition generally contains silicon.

These chemical components might give your hair smooth and shiny finish for a while but in the long run, these harmful chemicals can damage your hair.

It's frequent application may leave you with damaged, split, malnourished hairs forever. Hence, it is always better to rely on natural hair serum which is a complete package of natural ingredients.

As a bonus, your hairs enjoy the richness of nutriment activities that not only makes it healthy but also give them a lustrous sheen.

Natural Hair Serum for Straight Hair

Here is one of the easiest and most nourishing natural hair care products for curly hair that can rejuvenate your hairs in first few uses:
  • Methods for Preparation

If you are bored with those curls in your hair and are looking forwards to get them straightened, then this homemade hair serum will for sure get your old and tired hairs a reviving upgrade. To make this serum, you will need some basic ingredients that you can easily get from your kitchen.

For the ingredients, you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil
  • 3 to 4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • a transparent spray bottle
  • a small funnel

Get your ingredients ready and let’s start making:

Take a funnel and pour all the oils into that spray bottle. Shake the bottle well and then add those few drops of lavender essential. In case, if you don’t have lavender essential oil, you can opt for any other essential oil such as sandalwood or jasmine. They all are equally good and provides nourishment to the hair. After mixing the essential oil with other oils, shake the bottle well and, your hair straightening product is ready.

o   How to Use this Homemade Hair Straightening Serum?

This serum should be applied once you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Make sure that your hairs are not dripping wet. Part your damp hair in the middle and then divide them into four equal parts. Now take 3 to 4 drops of this homemade serum on your palm and then rub both your palms well. Take one section of a hair and apply the serum evenly along with the hair from the scalp to the tips.

This will allow your hair to soak the solution quickly and work more effectively on your hair. Make sure you don't apply the serum on your scalp. Now repeat this process with the other 3 sections. Once you have completed all the sections, comb your hair evenly and voila! You will get smooth straight hair in a quick massage. So there you go; a natural and nutritive homemade hair serum!

o   Benefits of Using a Homemade Hair Serum

In our busy daily life, it becomes difficult to take care of our hair every day. Regular outdoor trips expose our hairs to dust, sunlight, chemical treatments, humidity, harsh styling products, and so many more detrimental factors. Hence, a good hair defense serum is a must-have in every beauty arsenal to keep it protected from harsh conditions. Here is how this serum can benefit your hair:

·         This serum will make your hair sleek and smooth and will prevent it from getting further tangles.

·         It will protect your hair from harsh environmental conditions like pollution, UV rays and a lot more.

·         It acts as a preventive measure against damaged and dry hair and in turn adds a gorgeous shine to that dull hair instantly.

·         It also acts like a pro in reducing breakage to a large extent.


There is a lot more to proper hair care routine. The ones who take good care of their hair are often ditching the chemical-based products and moving on with natural hair care products for curly hair. Thus, including a homemade serum in your periodic hair care routine is a way to get healthy, straight, and shiny hair. Make sure it gets spread properly and give it some time to work its magic.

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